Welcome to Society of New Life for Handicapped and Helpless Children

Society of New Life for Handicapped and Helpless Children is a social desirable centered completely non-profit and non-government organisation. It was established in 2011 A.D and is located in Lalitpur district of Nepal. This organization is run by the desirable and non-desirable people so far, with the aim of upgrading the poor, helpless and handicapped children to bring them up in the mainstream of the nation’s development as we believe that each single child whether normal or born with some abnormalities has right to lead a life at ease.

Nepal is rich in natural resources and social diversities. This country is famous in the world due to the Mount Everest and lord Buddha (Light of Asia). However, the majority of the population in the country is poor due to the political conflict instability of the government and the lack of practical education. On the one hand, children are deprived of education because they are poor and they should go to work for their food. On the other hand, they became handicapped and orphans due to the conflict.